White Wizard has become a LAN project space and relocated to the frequency signal of 2437 mhz in the general location of Northern Lights, Cains Brewery Village, Grafton Street, Liverpool, L8 5SD. Look for a wireless SSID signal of ‘TheWhiteLizard’- like this:




The White Lizard is not an access point to the whole internet, just to one machine. Technically, we think it is actually a wireless local area network (wlan), something usually associated with businesses and institutions. It works by running an Apache server on a local Raspberry pi which is broadcasting over a relatively short range (30 meters-ish) wireless signal. It can be battery powered so can, and will, broadcast from other locations in future.

It works just like a normal web server, users can view webpages, stream media, share files and chat, just within a limited geographical space.

Why? We wanted to create a digital space that was discrete, that through it’s limitations potentially allows for a sense of communal ownership and sharing. This is rather than the incomprehensibly vague image of the internet, with all it’s data harvesting, profiling and surveillance. The trade off, obviously, is reach and capacity.

Do you have something that can run from The White Lizard? We’re looking to collaborate with artists, designers, programmers, musicians, basically anyone who is interested in the aesthetic of the network, rather than it’s image. Contact info[at]whitewizard[dot]org.

Current and past works available at The White Lizard are here

If you would like to make your own you can follow the instructions here