I’ve been working with Matthew Britton and Brett O’Connor to get their 404error.gallery project broadcast on The White Lizard. Visitors who happen across the The White Lizard SSID in the old brewery complex and connect will be automatically taken to a randomly selected 404 error page collected by Britton and O’Connor.

Artists Include:

Art 404
Benjamin Berg
Lizz Brady
Domenico Dom Barra
Hywel Edwards
Jack Fisher
Giliam Ganzevles
Ellen Gif
Zsolt Mesterhazy
Daniel Pinhiero
Leo Ravy
Becka Saville
Molly Soda
Sebastian Thewes
Δεριζαματζορ Προμπλεμ Ιναυστραλια
Nick Zhu

The work will be broadcast from 20th of December 2016 to the 20th of January 2017.

GPS: 53.392856, -2.977832