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Abigails Tail/The Upstreamers/Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau/Emma Curd/Colours of Venice/Bantam Lions/The Invisible Committee/Ursula K LeGuin/Matthew Macaulay/An Anonymous Piano Player in a Museum Foyer/Joseph Hulme/Mike Aitken/James Harper/Sam Mercer/ameobatube and more.

The White Wizard FF Audio Stream is a round the clock broadcast of randomised audio occurrences. It is an experiment in creating an anti-event, having no fixed start point and no foreseeable end point, no fixed arbitrators or audience, and no fixed geographical location.

Feel free to embed the stream anywhere you feel it might fit:

<audio autoplay=”autoplay” controls=”controls”><source src=”;stream.mp3″ type=”audio/mp3″ /></audio>

If you would like to contribute to the stream please email info[at]whilewizard[dot]org